One day, by chance, I came across these two words « discreet geometry ». It intrigued me a lot so I checked the definition: “every geometric object has the ability to relate with its neighbors according to mathematical properties, which then influence the final shape of the object”. This was really exciting to me and instinctively I thought about pixels, and by association of ideas, about the cursor of the writing program (Word). It was for me the time to create a visual search on boundaries existing between the binary computational world and the intuitive one. I enlarged it and I ran to my building material suppliers to materialize it with ceramic tile. It becomes an installation that requires public participation by creating words or sentences on the floor; it’s modulable and undergoes constant changes. Through this work I am obviously interested in what is written but much more in the way it is written. It is fascinating to observe how the principles of discrete geometry seem to apply. In fact, the combination between the tiles and their neighbors, appear different depending on who manipulates them.

Text for Nesxt festival – Artforms, Torino. 2017

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