UGP- Universal Geolocation Point

For the release of n°14 BAU art/box, based in Viareggio, which dealt with the theme of GPS, or Global Positioning System, I think instantly to call the tour guide Till Riecke. Together we thought the body as one minimal map. This vision was born after a dream he had during a night, he told me about it and I decided to make it real. We chose to represent a cyber body landscape, where only shades of acid colors and lines form curves of level. The magazine defined the circle format but we framed it with a white marge to accentuate the idea of a vision through the lenses of a binocular, engaged in the search of the Omphalos, or « Universal Geolocation Point ». The subject represented is the lower part of the back, like an ironic metaphor of this eternal human search, the butt.

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