Wedding performance

Many times, during walks in nature, I played with seeds that stick to clothes, a sort of way of reproducing itself. I collected many of it and covered whole canvases. Then I realized that the inventor of the Velcro had the same intuition before me. A hook and a buckle and the union is made. Once again the duality comes into play, an element cannot do without its opposite. I then contacted the inventor’s heirs to ask for some material, which they kindly gave me. Thus the idea of creating a fake marriage was born: The performance focuses on the concept of couple as a place where relationships can find their best way to blow up. A couple of young married are wearing typical wedding clothes but which were manufactured with Aplix® material (alias velcro).They celebrate their union in the middle of spectators with a traditional photo shoot, cake and champagne, while their relationship gradually deteriorates. They begin to fight to regain their own freedom of movement, trying unsuccessfully to separate.

Untitled photographs, co-signed Julien Lavigne /Rachel Morellet,
C-prints, taken during the « Wedding performance ». 60 x 40 cm each.


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