Soap Opera

This work was created with one of my ex boyfriends. It contains in itself the fusion and the irony of life as a couple. It reveals some aspects among which, sentimentality (the title); the intimacy of sexuality by sharing everything (the hair); the eroticism (soap and foam); the preciousness of love (the velvet cushions); the transparency in relationships (glycerin); and some symbolic aspects such as the alchemical conjunction of opposites. The title refers humorously to the Italian word “opera” which means “art work” but which refers as well to popular daytime TV series, kipping in mind that “soap opera” also derives from the type of products, soaps and detergents, advertised in the first American productions by the promoter companies of the series, or from the schedule when was broadcasted the series, namely just after lunch, during washing dishes time (“soap time”).

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