In 1990, a year in which I traced many right angles, on sheets, on the ground or in the air, I drew a winding and difficult staircase. Only on the occasion of the invitation to the exhibition that focused on the theme “I see, I look” I re-designed the stairs and realize it in two copies, but turned upside down. The verbs see and look come from the same source but do not have the same destination, like the stairs, identical but at the same time contrary. My deformed scale has thus been transformed into a double-edged object, which can also be read as the result of the opposites of a same situation. Moreover, “Overcome” is a particularly suitable work to be exhibited in collective exhibitions, where its upward character can merge with the works of other artists living together harmoniously.

Text published on the webart revue ARTEXT, 2016. www.artext.it/Artext/Rachel-Morellet

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