This is a perennial installation, as long as it is going to last. During the visit to the Basaglia park in Livorno, where I was invited in 2016, I discovered and carefully observed this immense maritime pine. Majestic and certainly centenarian, it had been scarified by humans at the height of an old wound remained without cortex. Its vegetal and inert character seemed to me very similar to the majesty of a mythological animal, the dragon. I satisfied my vision of the union of the two entities thanks to rigidified golden leaves nailed on the trunk.This work is called “Orbrut”, as a tribute to patients/artists who suffer from mental problems and reside in the PAC 180.
I highly recommend everyone to visit this place.

Text published on the webart revue ARTEXT, 2016. www.artext.it/Artext/Rachel-Morellet

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