Magic carpet

For this piece I used an old idea I had, finding an inscription on a cardboard in a supermarket: “ Exhibit now you will sell faster”. At the time I did a piece with it. In occasion of a project called “Missing masses” I had to collaborate with a Tuscan company working on design. It was for me the occasion to realize a second piece on the fine border which separates a commercial product of a work of art. A poetic way, beyond the Readymade to talk about this ambiguity. Art works have today an almost entirely similar life to usual products, they are thought of, then fabricated, often not by the artist himself, they are transported and displayed. They are bought, kept, repaired or restored. Exactly like our sofas, our chairs and other objects. The source of this analysis is here the sentence, « Travel on this side ». By extracting it from its context, I create a product containing the essence of both objects, usual and artistic…a flying carpet.

Work realized in collaboration with the carpet design concept store Parentesiquadra, Quarrata, Tuscany.

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