Ajna | Rachel Morellet


The starting point for the creation of this work entitled « Ajna » was the novel « L’uomo del pozzo » (The well’s man) by Luca De Silva. It tells the story of a man in charge of setting up a private library consisting of seven rooms. The path of history goes into a real and metaphorical library well at the same time, in which visionary situations are developed that lead man to acquire an out-of-ordinary conscience of himself.
The materials, their composition in space, their colors, their similarity and difference, their conjunction in the opposition, are structuring elements in the transfiguration of the story. The void between the two lines on the ground represents the space that separates the two cerebral hemispheres. It is contemplated by the chakra of the third eye, the vital point of indigo color, facing the inside of the skull that reveals consciousness, inner gaze and intuition. When activated, it offers the faculty to see beyond the form and appearance of reality, grasping its essence and unity.

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